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Ultra Wrist & Thumb System

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If you can correct wrist and thumb alignment with your hands, without force, you can use the TheraTogs ULTRA Wrist & Thumb System to carry over that correction – positioning your client’s day-long activities in corrected functional alignment. No other wrist or hand support product offers the adaptability, flexibility, and patient comfort of this TheraTogs system.

The Wrist & Thumb Positioning System is the most versatile and flexible system of its kind. Prescribe it as a stand-alone functional alignment aide, or use it to extend a TheraTogs strapping application from the shoulder or elbow to the hand.
Made of the same foam-backed GoldTone materials as our TheraTogs ULTRA garments, the Wrist &Thumb Positioning System is both comfortable and effective in supporting and maintaining the joint position gains available with manual correction.


If your client has these indications…

A Wrist & Thumb System can be used to…

Flexible wrist-flexed posture, wrist or carpometacarpal joint instability, or soft tissue extensibility at wrist or thumb

Improve wrist and thumb stability

Palmar arch modulation deficits (post hemiparsis, post-stroke, cerebral palsy)

Restore the palmar arch

Increased ulnar deviation at the wrist

Reduce flexible ulnar deviation

Proximal limb joint control deficits

Assist in reducing forearm pronation or supination, elbow flexion or extension

Soft tissue extensibility at thumb and wrist

Relieve pain associated with mal-alignment

System Benefits

Versatility unmatched by other wrist products - apply exactly the pronation or supination force vectors your client needs – and change them as he/she improves!

Extend wrist control to a TheraTogs system worn for the arm, shoulder, or trunk.

Wrist system made of GoldTone fabric grips, dynamically repositions, and retains the neuromotor system – much better for outcomes than a hard brace or a compression wristlet.

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