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Dragonfly TLSO System

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Dragonfly TLSO is the first release in our TherAlign™ brand of code-verified orthotic systems. It combines ‘warm-and-form’ spinal bracing with the wearable therapy of a TheraTogs undergarment in a customized, integrated orthosis.

Promotes superior torso stability throughout the core

Dragonfly TLSO supports the spine and trunk with a lightweight, rigid panel – forming a custom spinal support anchored on the pelvis for superior torso core stability while training the neuromotor system into more functional alignment using a TheraTogs undergarment.

Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear

  • Provides abdominal support without restricting breathing
  • Facilitates long-term neuromotor improvements that address the causes of postural and spinal issues
  • Live-in orthotic solution that does much more than simply immobilize the spine
  • No complicated tightening devices
  • Weighs less than one pound for most adult sizes, and pediatric sizes weigh a few ounces
  • Customized postural support is worn discreetly, under loose clothing

How the Dragonfly TLSO works

A clinician first warms the Dragonfly brace using a low temperature(165°-180° F). Warming takes 8 – 14 minutes , depending on the heat source and the size of the Dragonfly.  Meanwhile, a TheraTogs undergarment is applied to the wearer’s hips and torso, which is cozy, breathable and delivers somatosensory input, flexible stability, and attachment sites for muscle-assist strapping. Once warmed, the Dragonfly is then applied to support the spine with a lightweight but rigid panel, custom-formed to the iliac crests and upper trunk, to anchor spinal alignment support on the pelvis.

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