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Clinical Starter System

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Clinical Starter System (CSS) is our new, affordable solution for any clinical practice ready to improve outcomes with the THERATOGS ADVANTAGE.
Sold directly to clinics and practitioners, the CSS contains basic TheraTogs components in two sizes, and is available in Pediatric (CSS23) or Adult (CSS46) configurations.

  • The CSS allows your clinic or practice to:
  • Trial a TheraTogs application on any patient in your caseload to determine how many benefits it will provide.
  • Experiment with strapping applications and establish correct sizing for orders.
  • Support other therapy modalities during the clinical session with the “extra hands” TheraTogs provide.
  • Demonstrate TheraTogs results to caregivers and train them in TheraTogs applications.
  • Support reimbursement claims with visual proof of TheraTogs’ effectiveness.

Give your clients the benefit of thousands of guided repetitions using corrected biomechanics in the course of daily activities – thanks to TheraTogs’ exclusive GRIP • REPOSITION • RETRAIN technology.

Designed for clinicians in:

  • Early intervention programs
  • In-patient clinics
  • Out-patient clinics
  • School-based therapy practice
  • Private therapy practice
  • Rehabilitation services departments

The Clinical Starter System includes two TheraTogs ULTRA TankTops and Hipsters and a selection of strapping and accessories that allow the clinician to trial a variety of TheraTogs applications for posture, torso alignment, trunk stability and gait improvements.

Get the Most from Your CSS – With Expansion Components!

Begin with the basic Clinical Starter System, then customize it to meet the specific needs of your clinic. Use the detailed Components Order Guide (included with each system) to:

  • Add larger or smaller sizes.
  • Expand the system with advanced components and additional supplies.
  • Replace parts as needed to keep your CSS maintained as an essential and effective clinical resource.
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