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My daughter has cerebral palsy leading to  posture and movement issue. She started using Theratogs at the age of 4. The one immediate effect that I have seen was  in her sitting posture. Now she was sitting more erect and not in a crouch manner. I don’t know technical terms but my daughter found  Theratogs so soothing as it is a kind of body hugging suit. She has sensory issues and when she wear Theratogs she got the full sensory effect that somewhat it calmed her down. Other parents told me that with theratogs kids soon gets tired but that was not in the case of my daughter. She wore it for hours and it helped her not only maintaining the correct posture but also helped here in developing a better gait pattern (with the help of strappings).


Here I want to quote one interesting incident….my NDT therapist Dr.Rohan, when he was putting theratogs on my daughter and trying to get the strappings right for a correct posture; every time he adjusted a strap, my daughter adjusted her body in another way to get the posture of her choice. It was difficult but finally Dr. Rohan very efficiently was able to get the correct strapping for her.


Overall my experience with Theratogs was really satisfactory and I wished if I could have used it for a longer period of time.

Sahba Syed

I am Dr. Sarvanan Pediatric physiotherapist would like to give feedbacks about Fabrifoam products.

For me the strong points were as follows..

  1. For a clinician a prowrap gives him the freedom to facilitate the needed movement and Inhibit/ Restrict the unwanted movement patterns.
  2. Easy to wrap and remove and advantage is the parents can be educated easily in how it can be used.
  3. Dynamic Stability is the best property of the wrap.
Dr. Sarvanan, Pediatric Physiotherapist

I am Paediatric Physiotherapist and I have been using fabrifoam products since 2013.I m really happy with results.I use prowrap and superwrap very often and it is helping a lot.

Dr. Nirali Sanghavi, Mumbai

The Headpod gives a child the opportunity to move their head within their plane of strength. It provides a child with a upright visual field. Head-pod will reduce the hyperextension of a child's arms It can be used during feeding.The Headpod fastens to easily to a child's stroller, wheelchair. 

Dr. Asha Chitnis, Mumbai