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The Wrist Wrap is a re-useable product, 60-inch long by 1 ½ inch wide piece of MediWrap by fabrifoam®. It can be effectively wrapped as a wrist support, wrist and hand support. With the permanently attached Velcro® closure, the wrap can be adjusted to a desired tension at any time. This superior product was designed to protect athletes, including football linemen, divers, bowlers, golfers, boxers, or the many other people who need or want support for wrists or hands.

  • A superior replacement for traditional cloth wraps; helps prevent and protect against strain and injury during work and athletics.
  • Compression and support helps eliminate pain and discomfort.
  • Made of 5-foot long, 1-1/2” wide MediWrap™; secures with Velcro® closure.
  • Can be applied directly to the skin without fear of irritation.
  • Ideal for football linemen, bowlers, golfers, boxers, weightlifters or any athlete who wants extra support in the wrist.
  • Perfect for hand support or as a thumb spica.

                     Latex-free              Breathable                   Moisture-Wicking

                  Neoprene-free             Non-Slip                      Washable

                  Adhesive-free               Hypoallergenic            Trim to Customize

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