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Thumb Spica

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  • Recommended for instabilities and injury to the CMC and MCP joints.  
  • Permits healing, helps decrease pain and swelling, restricts motion while allowing full hand function with adjustable compression.
  • Ideal for thumb arthritis and tendonitis, Gamekeeper’s/Skier’s Thumb, soft tissue injuries, hyperextension and post cast healing.
  • Helps protect against strain/injury during high risk sports and repetitive movements at home or work.
  • Delivers semi-rigid support in a thin, comfortable, slip-resistant device.
  • Created with NuStimWrap™; available in sizes, can trim to customize.

                   Latex-free              Breathable                   Moisture-Wicking

                  Neoprene-free             Non-Slip                      Washable

                  Adhesive-free               Hypoallergenic            Trim to Customize

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