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BuddyUp Finger Splint

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Indication:  Recommended for finger sprains, strains, minor fractures, post-operative alignment and edema control.  May be used for preventive care or when buddy taping is advised.  An excellent alternative to sticky tapes.   Comes in a convenient 2” x 7”  5-Pack.

Features:  Delivers semi-rigid support while allowing for adjustable compression. Eliminates uncomfortable bulk, encourages range of motion.  Made from Fabrifoam’s patented Enthera™ material, a knitted nylon/spandex/foam composite. Universal size with perforations which can be cut apart to form single, double or triple width for optimal fit. Wraps on and secures with Velcro®.

                  Latex-free                    Breathable                   Moisture-Wicking

                  Neoprene-free             Non-Slip                      Washable

                  Adhesive-free               Hypoallergenic            Trim to Customize

Benefits:  Dermatologically safe. Will not cause blistering or irritation. Lightweight, low profile,  comfortable, easy and quick to apply. The foam side allows splint to stay in place without the need to over-tighten or pinch the skin. Affords custom application, single width/length or in combination. Easily hand wash and air dry. Reusable.

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