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Indication: Recommended as a superior support for wrists, thumbs, fingers, patellae, ankles or any area where traditional cloth bandages and wraps are used.  Helps prevent and protect against strain and injury during work and athletics.  Ideal for football players, bowlers, golfers, boxers, gymnasts, ballerinas, weightlifters.  Provides short-stretch compression suggested for lymphedema protocol.

Features: A woven nylon/spandex/foam composite. Delivers a low to medium degree of two-directional stretch while allowing for adjustable compression. Provides rigid support useful for restricting mobility. Fabrifoam’s patented MediWrap™ is available in numerous sizes for optimal fit.  Wraps on and secures with Velcro®.  Dermatologically safe. 

                  Latex-free                    Breathable                   Moisture-Wicking

                  Neoprene-free             Non-Slip                      Washable

                  Adhesive-free               Hypoallergenic            Trim to Customize

Benefits: When applied directly to the skin will not cause blistering or irritation. Lightweight, low profile, comfortable, simple and quick to apply. Easily worn under most clothing. Reusable.  Made in the USA.

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