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Welcome to Swaraj Worldtrade Pvt. Ltd.

At RehabIndiaNeeds.com we are committed to introduce & promote the unique healthcare products & services to the Rehab needs in India. Our aim is to be pioneer in developing a network of physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, athletic trainers & clinicians by educating & introducing our products, services & solutions.

We will be conducting trainings, certification courses, CME's, workshops nationwide from the product manufacturers and experts in the field of rehabilitation world. Also would host the continuing educational workshops from the world known delegates throughout the world.

With offices in USA & India we boast for Excellences in quality, service, reputation and wonderful relationships with our customers. RehabindiaNeeds.com is the master distributor for India having variety of patented products exclusively manufactured in the USA and Spain. Currently we are having Fabrifoam, Theratogs and Headpod products.